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This same house had drip marks in the insulation throughout the whole attic. The drip marks were the result of condensation/frost in the attic. Roof vents would have helped to hide this issue, which was partially triggered by numerous separated bathroom fan ducts in the attic. Attic air leaks in between the space and also the attic are the other large root cause of condensation/frost in the attic.

The area in between the leading wall surface plates was open. This is normal stuff that we locate throughout pre-drywall examinations if we can do the examination prior to the attic room is shielded. Right here's an air leak that was covered with insulation: We located that using an infrared cam. Infared inspections are an add-on solution to our standard residence inspection.

Here's an infrared picture of a disconnected/ missing bathroom fan air duct below the insulation in an attic room on a cool day. There were no visible indications of this problem, yet a fast scan with an infrared cam made it rather apparent. Below's frost and black discoloration below in a new-construction attic room.

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When information tubes end in the attic room, completions need to be sealed to aid avoid them from pumping conditioned air into the attic like a smokeshaft. We've located lots of damaged trusses * in new attic rooms (מפקחי בניה). * John Bouldin, Ph. D., claims that as soon as it's broken, you can no much longer call it a truss. I've been speaking about this for a lengthy time, as well as I still find this problem at a whole lot of new homes. This is an usual problem due to the fact that See my blog site post devoted to attic room examinations on new construction homes: That Evaluated Your Attic? Fiberglass batts do a dreadful work of insulating attics since they're impossible to set up effectively.

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In the center of the image listed below, the insulation was compressed down to 3-1/2 thick, which is completely poor. It's not usual to discover fiberglass batts in new houses, but it occurs. Below's a personalized house that had fiberglass batts carelessly installed throughout the attic room, hopefully by someone who did not set up insulation for a living.

There were 2 attic areas here; above attic room # 1 was lots of snow. Over attic room # 2 ... no snow. Somebody totally forgot to shield attic room # 2. I have actually come across this happening before, yet this was the only residence I have actually inspected like this. In other words, this is not a common defect, yet it certain is an egregious one.

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Extra on that particular topic below: Opening "secured" attic accessibility panels is immaterial. Even brand-new stuff can leak. We test tiled showers by utilizing a shower dam. When tiled showers leak, it's a large bargain. This image reveals our shower dam resting in the shower. We make use of infrared cams to inspect ceilings listed below showers for leakages, and also we can usually determine shower leakages prior to any water is ever before visible, yet not always.

While checking the ceiling for a shower leak with my IR video camera, I when found a dripping shutoff valve for the bathroom sink. This was a really slow-moving leak, but the building contractor was very happy that we discovered it when we did. This would have been a huge hassle if the ceiling needed to be fixed, yet we captured it before any repair services had to happen there.

Here's a dripping tub overflow. Leaking shower door. As well as a dripping bathtub. This bathtub really leaked a number of water through your home prior to my inspection, as well as was being fixed when I got here. The component that the builder didn't understand about was that the water traveled across the first flooring ceiling, through an outside wall surface, and also down into the cellar.

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The builder had a lot much more drying out to do than very first expected. When the drainpipe, waste, as well as air vent pipes are set up at a brand-new house, whatever gets stress checked. To do this, the pipes vents get topped off. After the pressure testing is complete, the caps require to be gotten rid of.

Plumbing vents and also drains demand to be pitched so water drains out. I included the blue in the photo below to reveal where water will certainly wind up sitting. This air vent wasn't pitched correctly. When frost-free faucets are set up, they need to be pitched downward, to allow water to drain pipes out.

Much more on that subject here: frost free faucets Dishwashing machine drains pipes are meant to be looped to the underside of the kitchen counter. This is done wrong on a great deal of brand-new homes. We have actually discovered numerous gain access to panels for bathroom bathtub drains that either offered access to a strong wall, or an accessibility hole that was comically small.

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Every gas appliance needs to have a union, or some technique of detaching the gas piping after the shutoff valve. That really did not occur below. I can not believe the amount of HVAC images I have. Just a fast pointer: these are all from brand-new houses. Both condensors below need to have been set up at the very least 24" far from each other, per the maker's installation directions.

When they tip like this, the refrigerant lines can obtain stressed out. When a condensor rests on a wall-mounted brace, it won't tip. That's great method ... yet it should preferably be placed at an elevation that's convenient for servicing. Unlike this one. Similar to pipes drains and also airs vent, high-efficiency heating system vents need to be pitched effectively to assist make certain there are no dips that might allow condensate to accumulate as well as block the vent.



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